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The key Trends that will shape architecture

The key Trends that will shape architecture There are a number of trends that continue to shape architecture in 2019 and beyond. For both home owners and architects there is a keen focus on sustainability, wellness, smart homes and the comforts of technology, indoor-outdoor living, artisanal features and from a functional space perspective – laundry […]

Which dishwasher should you buy?

In today’s busy lifestyle, a dishwasher has become a valued member of the family that we become very reliant on. A quality dishwasher will last longer & Liam Gawne from Miele gives us some tips on what to  look out for when investing in a dishwasher. There is no denying that a dishwasher can be […]

The ins-and outs of homeloans

Banks and mortgage companies understand that purchasing a home is an important investment, whether you’re a first time buyer, or buying your second or third home.  A mortgage is simply a loan that is secured on immovable property, normally your home. The mortgage is lent to you in a lump sum to pay for the […]

10 Questions to ask your Real Estate Agent before buying a home

Property still remains your best investment, and the benefits of owning a home are well worth the effort. Although this might seem like a lengthy and complicated process, your real estate agent is there to assist you with each step. Find an experienced agent who can help guide you through the process. First – one […]

Last Will and Testament

We are all aware of the saying ‘nothing is certain except death and taxes’. Morbid as it might sound, it’s never a convenient time to start thinking about what will happen to your family or assets once you are no longer here. Drafting a Will, is something that everybody needs to prioritise at some stage […]

Bathrooms & Beyond

Bathrooms endure a lot of wear and tear as it is a vital part of our daily routine. As one of the most important rooms in the home, having a well-designed, good quality bathroom is crucial for your overall enjoyment and satisfaction of your house. However bathrooms also need to be comfortable and functional.   […]

Property Tax Deductions

It is that time of year again where all income from property investments must be declared to SARS and is subject to income tax, this includes all rental income. In preparation for tax season, taxpayers can start gathering all the supporting documents that are needed to submit their tax returns. The first important point to note […]

100% South African Braai Marinade

Nothing shouts proudly South African like a good traditional braai and our braai marinade is sure to tantalize those taste buds. It is a great all-rounder for chicken, ribs, lamb or steak! The recipe makes 1 cup (enough for 4 portions), so feel free to double, triple or quadrupedal it – depending on the size […]